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Records & Information Management (RIM) provides innovative and relevant information management services to the Curtin community.

We are responsible for the development and maintenance of Curtin's systems for managing electronic documents, web content and paper records to make sure that information is available, accessible and preserved for as long as it is needed, no matter what format it's in.

Records & Information Management provides training, support and services to help you create, access, use, share and preserve information at Curtin.


Guidelines for the use of Cloud computing

The cloud is a broad term for describing a service on the Internet where you can store files, use/edit documents, or delete stored information from anywhere as long as you have a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any other internet-enabled device. Examples of cloud services include Dropbox, Windows Live, GoogleDocs, Evernote. RIM has released a set of practical guidelines for staff to follow when using cloud computing. A set of Frequently Asked Questions is also available.

Curtin Records & Information System (CRIS)

The Curtin Records & Information System (CRIS) was launched in April 2013. CRIS is the one stop shop for:

The Western Australian University Sector Disposal Authority (WAUSDA)

The Western Australian University Sector Disposal Authority (WAUSDA) was approved in April 2012. Disposal authorities are the tools used to determine how long to keep records. The four public universities in WA will now use the one common disposal authority to sentence records. For more information on the WAUSDA please click here.